How to use the Shopping List:

If your shopping list exists already, go to shopping list option, select the list and tap on 'Add item' to add a new item. Add as many items along with quantities.
Tap on Edit to edit any record in your shopping list. To this shopping list, you can add items, purchase them, make them pending again for another purchase etc. When you install JohnnysApp, there will be one default shopping list present.
Tap on to create a new shopping list itself. You can create as many independent shopping lists as you need. You can have a narration for each list. You can use color option to highlight items as appropriate. You can change the order in which the lists appear using the re-order tool, Sort. The list at the top is the default purchase list. You can have even a consolidated view, including items from all shopping lists.

Say 'Purchase Potatoes' to add a potatoes to your first shopping list. Voice commands, by default, will add an item to this first shopping list. 

You can share your shopping list or synch one list with one group and another with a different group.

Tap on 'Start shopping' when you are in the shop to select the items being purchased. When you visit the shop, you can see all the items in your shopping list, tick one by one to complete your purchases.

You can share your shopping list with your shops using any messaging app.

You can also share it with AMAfON users, only with shops that are already in the AMAfON network. You can link any of our associate Amafon shops by tapping on add a shop. Shops are identified by their registered mobile numbers. Once linked, you can easily send your shopping list to them. Along with the items, you can add a remark. Your location is also shared.
If your shop is not in the network, you can invite them to the network using 'invite a shop' option.
The shop can message you an estimate, listing items that they have along with the rates. Once you approve it, they can pack it, bill it or perhaps even deliver it to you or you can pick up your items from the neighborhood shop.
Your neighborhood shop in the AMAfON network can invite you to use JohnnysApp to facilitate remote shopping.

You can use voice commands to add an item to your purchase list by saying 'purchase tooth paste'. Instead of purchase, you could use the equivalents like buy, shop and procure.