How to use your toDO list:
Tap on to add a toDO entry. Select the DO type. Select the party from your contacts Contacts or enter any name. You can even include mobile numbers to the name to instantly use at the appointed time. You can choose the party/ph. number even from the Calls History icon Calls History.
Choose a DOtype. You can add your own DOtypes with a tap on . DOtype is part of the spoken warning.
Select the time of action, the DOtime.
Select frequency if it needs to repeat. Select 'Custom' if you want an entry that repeats after every nn days.
Enter time for warning, if necessary.
Enter a narration, of whatever size. 
Note that the DOtype, party name & the note are spoken out, if 'spoken reminders' is enabled.

At the DOtime or at the specified warning time, you will be notified with several beeps or you can listen to the details of your toDO. Spoken notifications can be set off from Settings/Reminders/Spoken reminders. 

When you are reminded of the task, you can mark it as complete, snooze it or even ignore it.
When you select 'snooze', you have three options

  • Snooze for whatever duration, in minutes, hours or even days
  • Specify the time of next warning
  • Leave it unattended or confirm with the default values for you to be notified again after 10 minutes.

Ignore the warning and the notification automatically snoozes for 10 minutes.Tap on attachments to display all the icons for the different types of attachments. Tap on one of the icons to record an audio, associate a toDO entry with any number of parties from  your contacts, any number of photos, any number of existing media files or even your own sketches.

Tap on attachments, to see all the associated attachments. Tap on attached contacts to make a call, send a message or email to the associated party. Similarly a tap on any attachment opens it.

Summary View: 
The summary view shows the toDO list summary in chronological order. You can expand the view in line using Expand. Use the sort option Sort AscSort desc to view the list by last edit date, entry date, DOtime, reminder time etc. To find your toDO entry, type any part of its content, even multiple bits of it (separated by coma) and tap on Find. The find is smart enough to show you the best matches first when you search with multiple words. The result of the find appears like a filtered summary view. You can include the applicable dates in the filter by tapping on Filters. If you want to see an entry that you made on 25th of the month, select 'Creation date' and date as 25th. Only the entries of that date will appear. The date Filters filter and the search words work together. Any value in the date filter turns Filters to red

A tap on 'Expired', 'Pending' or 'All' will filter your view appropriately.

When you want to adjust the timings of many pending reminders, select 'Upcoming reminders' in your menu. You have the option of moving all reminders by 'nn' minutes without losing any reminder. If you are having a meeting for 3 hours, go to 'Upcoming Reminders' and snooze for 3 hours. All toDO notifications set for the next 3 hours will appear together after 3 hours.