How to use you MultiMedia Diary:

Diary access is restricted to the password holder only. The password entered is valid till you close the app. A tap on 'Diary' takes you to the summary view of the diary entries previously made in chronological order-descending. A tap on adds a record for today. Change the date to any other date and make a record of your day. If a record for today exists, the new record created for the day will be appended to what is already existing.
You can insert any kind of attachments including photos and audio recordings.
You can edit your entries of the day using Edit. You can change anything including your attachments. Tap on the attachment to open, change or even delete it.
You can add to the contents of any previous day but cannot edit it. This is done to imitate your diary, so that your diary entries retain its originality.
The summary view can be sorted in ascending/descending order of dates-diary date, modified date, entry date, even access date using Sort asc & Sort desc.

Enter the coma separated search words to find the record. Entries with the best matches will appear first.