has several software products in use in the market. The products include an ERP for SMEs-Wholesalers, Schools & Hospitals (MDs Wisecat), a collection of 14 Desktop utilities (01Pundit) that include Visitor management(Visitors'Trail), Fixed asset management(assetMax), Automatic data backup(DataBuoy), Cheque printing(CLEARcheque) etc.., Society database management-a web driven software to manage the database of an institution for memberships, renewals, communication, elections, events & activities. Productivity monitoring software in addition to many more..


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Today, when the smart phone is the modern almighty, we have many products & services that uses the power of the cellphone.

MD's Wisecat for businesses

Wisecare for hospitals

SchoolEmanager for schools

JohnnysApp & MothersApp for personal digitization

TourismPundit a software for resorts & hotels

LeadsTOdollars a CRM for SOHOs & SMEs

Club memberships and management including web managed remotely handled secure digitised elections

Order management for the smallest of retailers...

Productivity monitoring for handling projects