JohnnysApp, the android app for every johnny, will make you more organized & productive.

johnnysApp presents a smarter interface to your android phone. 

It stores your data of various kinds, facilitating instant access and smarter utilization of such data.

Use the launcher to create widgets on the home screen to scribble something instantly, scan your priority list or a search of your entire mobile. 

Help files in the app itself, in 'settings', to guide you that will explain what all you can do and how to do them.

Smart Scribble pad: with a friendly interface, instant scribble, a great many features including insertion of recorded voice, media files, contacts & even your own sketches. You can even link an alert to it. The powerful search finds the needle in the haystack. Flexible share options include sharing with call history, copying text from SMS history etc. Option even to have a widget of a Sticky Scribble on your home screen.

toDO list: With reminders, auto repeat options, flexible & friendly snooze options, spoken notifications etc your toDO list leaves no excuse for a failure. Remote toDOs that you can push to other mobiles ensure that your partners don't fail either.

Multi-media Digital diary: Your handy personal diary. Include voice, photos, images, even sketches. Password protection & search options are useful.

Asset list: Track your assets, link related images, documents, even contacts. Associate service providers and generate alerts to ensure better asset utilization & maintenance.

Media tracking: Find the photo, document, video or music associating them with appropriate keywords.

Document tracking: Scan, align, store & associate your documents with appropriate tags/key-words to easily access & use the documents thereafter.

My places: Define your places...places that you visit...that you want to track for the people there, weather or the tasks associated with them

Android search: Search your Android phone for anything. Scribbles, contacts, media files, documents, messages, apps. Use them instantly with johnnysApp.

V card reader: Use your mobile camera to transfer data in a visiting card to your contacts.

QRcode reader: Read QRcode & share it with any of the relevant apps in your mobile including johnnysApp or copy to clipboard.

Over 100 things you can do with JohnnysApp:

Very troubling...when you have a 100 options! Won't it be confusing? I don't think I will need even one. Who will ever need a hundred...

Most people start by using one..Add more as they go by...until they find that most of the over-100 features are useful...and you may even ask for more..

  1. Start scribbling anything with a single tap
  2. Create a Sticky Scribble-the instant scribble on your home screen
  3. Create as many scribble units as you would want
  4. Summary view of scribble units keep you in control
  5. Sort the scribbles by relevant dates, category
  6. Filter the scribbles by relevant dates, category
  7. Use QuickScribble, an instantly usable default scribble unit
  8. Create named scribble shortcuts on your home screen for instant access
  9. Attach audios, videos, photos, contacts.. to your scribble
  10. Include your own sketches in the scribble
  11. Record any sound and even clip it before including it.
  12. Link an alert to a scribble
  13. Insert variables..pick a date, current time..
  14. Make a scribble pop up when you make a call or receive a call from an associated contact
  15. Add meta-data to your scribble.
  16. A very smart search using any bit of its content or even meta-data.
  17. Include filter of relevant dates-create, edit, access in your search
  18. Copy text from any recent SMS into your scribble
  19. Insert a name or number from the call history
  20. Use numbers in the scribble for calling, messaging
  21. Add name/mobile number sets in your scribble to your contacts
  22. Search your contacts with any selected text from your scribble.
  23. Associate your own category with each scribble
  24. Attach a title to each scribble
  25. Share the scribble with shareable apps, messaging apps, call history ...
  26. Add a simple reminder record in your toDO list
  27. Make your toDO entry speak out its contents at the scheduled time.
  28. Flexible Snooze options to manage your reminder
  29. Select a contact from your contacts or enter any name and mobile number as the associated party
  30. Call the associated contact with a single tap
  31. Add a toDO record instantly to a contact in your call history
  32. Include your own contact group to your toDO entry
  33. SMS instantly to the contact/contact group
  34. Create scheduled reminders that repeat itself at intervals set by you
  35. Attach related images, audios, contacts, contact groups to the toDO record
  36. Mark a task as complete
  37. Categorize the toDO record to your own toDO type
  38. Search the toDO list for any bit of its content including the narration
  39. Filter the toDO list by type, pending, completed..
  40. Include applicable dates in the filter
  41. Define SMS that goes automatically at pre-set timings using toDO type 'Timed Messages'
  42. Define Timed SMS that alerts you before being sent
  43. Send messages free to other JohnnysApp users, even to entire groups
  44. Define a priority list (another special toDO type) that does not have a reminder time
  45. Pause JohnnysApp alerts for durations defined by you without missing any task
  46. Sort the toDO list by a variety of fields-toDO type, Event time, reminder time, Last access date, created date...
  47. Include JohnnysApp alerts in the phone modes definitions
  48. Share your toDO record with your contacts, contact groups, shareable apps..
  49. Make a personal diary practical with JohnnysApp
  50. Include audio, photos, images in your Personal diary to make it multi-media
  51. Search that finds any bit of your diary entry
  52. Personal diary is secure.. password/Finger print protected.
  53. Insert variables-dates, time
  54. Insert names from recent call history
  55. Insert text from Message history
  56. Search your entire smart phone for any content in johnnysApp, your contacts, messages, apps...
  57. Use the friendly search output view to navigate to the appropriate data
  58. Smart wizard to start using reminders and define schedules.
  59. Maintain an asset register to track your assets
  60. Record details of the asset: Purchase date, Supplier name, warranty details, purchase value, current value..
  61. Link each asset to all the service providers
  62. Attach each asset to documents associated with it like purchase bill, service bill, amc contract...
  63. Associate tasks to assets to get alerts for asset related services, warranty contract dates, renewals of registrations etc..
  64. Make instant calls to service providers from the asset record itself.
  65. Track your media-Associate a media file(photos, videos, audio files) to any number of tags(key words) 
  66. Attach related contacts, groups, audio files to the record
  67. Find the media file using any of the key words
  68. Smart search using any number of key words
  69. Run the media file from the search output
  70. Digitize your documents-scan them, crop them and save them with its narrative description
  71. Associate as many key words with each document
  72. Link contacts, contact groups to each document
  73. Find a document using any of its keywords or any bit of its narration 
  74. Filter the documents using any of its associated dates
  75. Sort the documents list by their associated dates
  76. Define as many contact groups
  77. Create even sub-groups...tree structure is an enabler
  78. Use Groups to ensure that you don't miss out on anyone
  79. Add as many of your contacts into the group
  80. Call the group members or message them instantly
  81. Schedule a Call or message to the group 
  82. Set a reminder for the group
  83. View associations of the group to any other task in JohnnysApp
  84. Easier Access to Apps: Associate any of your installed apps with any number of keywords
  85. Find them and run them using any of its keywords
  86. Powerful search option with multiple words
  87. Filter the app by the related dates
  88. Data backup options...automatic..even on cloud
  89. Data restore options...even when your phone dies, your data continues to live
  90. Pause all JohnnysApp alerts for a duration..without losing track of any task
  91. A talking clock, calls you johnny by default every hour from 8am to 6pm
  92. Very flexible clock.. set start time, end time, interval, your name 
  93. Silence even the clock in phone modes option
  94. Widget option for a quick search and quick menu options
  95. Widget options also for a Sticky scribble and the priority list on your home screen
  96. Quick menu to do an instant search of your mobile
  97. Quick menu option even to add a record into any of the options
  98. Flexible Phone modes to manage your smart phone
  99. use phone modes to handle your meetings, travel, sleep, food timings, naps etc
  100. Phone modes that handles the calls-blocks, silences, identifies caller, sends messages automatically
  101. Phone mode with editable default messages.
  102. Quick reminders to handle immediate alerts to switch off stove, water pump, other electrical devices
  103. A quick timer that can alert you of any immediate event
  104. Remote-Add a toDO into another JohnnysApp user, to ensure that dependent tasks do not fail
  105. Instantly silence JohnnysApp..talking clock and the alert system
  106. A battery alert that talks about the impending disaster
  107. Help files included in the app itself.
  108. .... with even more options in the pipeline

Now, Download JohnnysApp to learn how you can be a lot smarter with JohnnysApp

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