Main features:

Your success depends greatly on how you maintain your relationships. JohnnysApp helps you keep in touch in very many ways:

  • Enhance the data maintained on each contact with memos, attachments, phonetic equivalents etc.
  • Organize your contacts by building contact groups and to send messages with a single action
  • Link contacts with their festivals and their occasions for reminders & even automated messaging.
  • Predefine frequency of calls to your contacts to ensure that you keep in touch as desired.
  • Log call records & events associated with contacts
  • Use templates for faster and better messaging

Festivals & Occasions:

  • Maintenance of a Database of festivals
  • Linkage of Festivals to contacts
  • Save dates of all celebratory occasions of all contacts
  • Maintain greeting messages as templates for all Festivals & Occasions.
  • Setup reminders & timed messages to get reminders and to send messages on the appropriate dates.


  • Define KIT profiles of all contacts defining the time limit before which you desire to be in touch.
  • Display all contacts as per your settings above to facilitate contact.
  • Define contacts that need a permanent call history log
  • Create contact groups and add people to such groups ensuring a better organised contacts list
  • (Contact groups facilitate organizing your contacts into groups for easier & smarter communication-Family groups, college mates, school mates, colleagues etc)

Contact data-enriched:

  • You will never have to say 'I forgot; That seems to be a lie; I don't know where I scribbled it; I have a vague memory..', thanks to View/add events for any contact
  • A memo for every contact lets you describe the contact better
  • Attachments related to contacts help you organize yourselves better
  • A phonetic equivalent makes it easy to find your contacts-with voice commands or otherwise
  • Associate contact with as many contact groups.
  • Unlimited call history for selected contacts

Easy Operations:

  • Many Festivals are defined by JohnnysApp.. You may not have to even define any of yours!
  • You can add your own festivals ensuring flexibility.
  • Many message templates for festivals and occasions are also provided for, ready to be used.
  • You can add your own templates as well.

How to 'Be-in-Touch:

Define Contact Profile:

  • From Contact Profile, Select a contact. Define the maximum days within which you desire to contact each of your near & dear ones, (7 days for your grandma who misses you every week, 365 days for that old classmate you just want to keep a track)
  • If needed, add a memo to define your contact better. You an add attachments too to your contact
  • Link associated festivals to the contact
  • Link the appropriate message of greeting to the contact/festival set
  • Link associated dates of important occasions-birthdays, anniversaries..., to your contact
  • Link the appropriate greeting message to the contact/occasion set
  • Add new contact groups if necessary.
  • Add contacts to relevant contact groups
  • Record any event, like a tool/book borrowal transaction, as a log for the contact. You can also view existing logs. 
  • Add a phonetic equivalent to the name, so finding him becomes easier from JA voice commands or JA search
  • Set 'Log call history' 'ON' for any contact that needs it.

'Keep in Touch' shows the list of people you need to be in touch with, as per your call frequency settings in contact profile. The first time update, immediately after call frequency is set from contact profile option, is done using the call history data of your mobile. Thereafter, it is updated automatically from the day's calls. Internet calls are not available for this update.
If you set up a contact to be called at least once a week and if you have not called him for 7 days, it appears at the head of the keep-in-touch list. Once you make a call, the record goes to the tail-end of the list. Any call automatically resets it to the tail-end of the list. You can also manually reset it to the tail end of the list, if you have met him personally or contacted him thro' an internet call.
Keep-in-Touch also lists the festivals and occasions for the upcoming period as selected by you.

Contact profile can be updated even from the JohnnysApp search results under contacts.

Festivals & Occasions:

  • It shows all existing festivals & occasions. You can add to them as well.
  • The festivals that are listed automatically for you are the ones relevant for your geography as set by you from KIT/More/Places you belong
  • See all your contacts associated with a festival. You can add a festival or an occasion from contact profile of a person too.
  • Templates option shows all available templates. You can see them filtered under each festival/occasion. 
  • You can also enrich the templates list by adding to them.

Contact groups:

  • Create contact groups, any number of named groups of contacts.
  • Add your contacts to any number of these groups.
  • Send a single message to all members of a group-instantly or timed to be sent later
  • Create a 'remote toDO' for the entire group, so the reminder appears in the mobiles of  JohnnysApp users in the group.

Your messages from Festivals & Occasions or from contact groups are sent via internet if you have an internet connection AND the recepient has JohnnysApp on his number. You can even set it up to send your messages vide internet when net connection is available or to switch automatically to the SMS service of the mobile service provider.

Use the contact groups feature to form your own groups of people for ensuring lasting togetherness. Use Contact groups to ensure that you don't miss out anyone, be it family, friends, school mates, relatives, office groups, childhood buddies...Each group can have a toDO record with an appropriate automatic repeat interval, so that each group gets a minimum attention, being in touch weekly with some while with others it is at least once annually.